2013 Pull Results - Brush, Colorado

Pro Stock Two Wheel Drive

Tameless - Dan Kauffman  258.04

Small Block

Red Neck Binder - Jeff Wiges  293.44

Pro Stock 4 x 4

Missin Parts - Bill Muncy  290.27

Big Block

Corn Vette - Floyd Goodro   273.61

Modified 4 x 4

Black Thunder - Lee England  276.41

6200 lb. Modified

Turbulance - Greg Lussetto   292.19

8500 lb. Limited Pro Stock Diesel

High Dollar Hooker - Dirk Bauerle  294.20

Super Stock Tractor

Double Trouble - Tiger Bradley  277.95

Two Wheel Drive

Lack of Common Cents - Danny Davis  307.42

Naturally Aspirated Mini

We Be Bad - Dennis Weber  307.79

Blown Mini Rod

Neon Green - Gary Burman  320.91




2014 Pull Is On!

Rocky Ford Pull Coming Soon. Check our Schedual page or our Facebook page for any cancellations and up to date news.

August 14, Rocky Ford, Colorado 7:00 P.M.


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