(last updated November 3, 2011)

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2011 By Law Changes

Article III.  Membership

Voting rights will be activated for members who have been issued a pulling license and have pulled during the previous year at sanctioned CTTPA pulls.  Membership dues must be currently paid.

New paid members receiving a pulling license must participate in two (2) events in a sanctioned CTTPA class, as listed below, before voting rights will be activated.  The activation applies to a maximum of two (2) members per vehicle.  The CTTPA Board reserves the right to refuse a license to anyone.

CTTPA sanctioned classes are defined as only the following classes:

1.  Econo-Modified Small Block

2.  Econo-Modified Big Block

3.  Pro-Stock 4 x 4

4.  Modified 4 x4

5. 8500 lb. Limited Pro Stock Diesel Tractor

6.  Super Stock Tractor

7.  Two Wheel Drive

8.  6200 lb. Modified Tractor

Previous voting members without current vehicles may obtain voting rights activation by petitioning the Board Secretary requesting voting rights activation on a CTTPA approved form.  The Board will hear the petition at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

Each activated member shall be entitled to one (1) vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the membership.  Two-thirds of the activated members shall constitute a quorum when voting on matters brought before the Board.